The team

Our highty trained and qualified staff can provide everything from a simply trim to a complete new LOOK.
Clients needs are foremost in our day to day running of hair and beauty Services.

Janeth (Peru)

Art Director & Make - up Artist

Has been in the beauty industry for over 22 years. She has mastered her expertise by training in many countries.
Her mission is to transform hair and make each and every one of her clients feel and look beautiful inside and out.

Chris Stephens ( England )

I have been hairdresser for 13 years.
Highly trained by Sasoon Academy and Josh Wood.
I worked in fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and London.

Marian Bueno ( Ecuador )

Senior Director

She has 7th years experience as a Hairdresser, She believes that your hair is the best accessory as you wear it everyday.
She loves to empower women by enhancing their accessory through educating in how to use and care for it.

Alexandra (Rumania)

Senior Beauty Therapist

It's exciting for Her to provide great professional services for men and women .
After nearly 8th of Beauty skills and proficiency in Facial, Massage, Nails, and waxing allows her to give you the best feeling and look.

Your involvement with Alex will be exclusive and appropriate to your needs.
She understands that clients are as individual as their every service.

Chang ( China)

Beauty Therapist & Threading Technician

She has 12 years experience as Beauty Therapist .
I pride myself on my people skills and always make sure my clients are well looked after and leave feeling relaxed and happy. I perform all our treatments to a high
standard and am particularly passionate about nails, threading skill, skincare and Massage.